The Flame Queen, dax munro, fantasy,book

Dax’s debut fantasy novel, The Flame Queen (originally known as Phoenix) can be found on Amazon.

Violetta will never forget that day.

Guilt shadows her every step as she prepares
to take her father’s throne. Sadly, he has other ideas. Violetta must marry or forfeit her royal birthright, but all she wants is to be free, to no longer relive the tragic events of her past.

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Hi there, welcome to the home of Dax Munro, eccentric book lover and fantasy author. If you love the fantasy genre, then you’ve come to the right place.

Dax has been in love with the fantasy genre since she was small. Nowadays, she dedicates most of her time to creating and exploring exciting new worlds of wonder and magic.

At present, Dax is working on a new fantasy novel that revolves around a jealous exhiled Prince and his ambitions to bring down his brother’s kingdom.